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January 3, 2018


Hi Everybody,


Great news coming with the beginning of the new year! The Merlino Band started the production of the new album, which is planned for release in mid-2018.

Significant changes happened to the band lineup, as two members are not part anymore and new assets have now joined in, including the amazing Catt John on vocals, and Mark Tarlton on Drums. With this lineup, and with a few new prospects being currently interviewed for bass and keys positions, the band is now working on the recordings of the new single "Don't look back". This is a mid-tempo rock ballad, originally inspired by the legendary Diane Warren and her outstanding achievements.


Lastly, we need to note the joining of Erika Mason Reyes as public relations coordinator. With her amazing talent now Merlino is actively seeking an executive producer for the new album.


We wish you a prosperous new year, full of success, love and happiness!


Talk to you soon.



April 30th, 2014


Finally the album is officially published and available in digital for the European marked at the (R)esisto website (


We'd love you to check out the songs and our album page; also we'll appreciate your support by buying our music on this site.


Good news also on the San Francisco side. The Merlino Live Band is taking shape. Jeff Nassi and Kenny Susan joined, respectively on drums and bass. Both these guys are accomplished performing and recording musicians. Check out their bios and photos at Merlino band page


We are planning to start the band rehearsals as soon as the line-up is completed with rhythm/lead guitarists. We'll keep you posted.


Don't forget to "like" our page on Facebook. It is so important for us to have your support and to be able to show a solid fans base.



February 3, 2014


Tonight at 6:04 PM the radio station KALX in Berkeley, CA aired the song Believe. This was my first song on the radio, EVER! I am very proud to have this radio station, which was voted the best radio station in the San Francisco East Bay, adding my song to their programming. KALX is an independent radio station based out of the famous Berkeley's College. Thank you Marshall Stax.



January 24, 2014


I'm glad to announce that the new album "Immensity" is finally out! I want to thank anyone that in the last two years has been involved in this project. I want to start with my friend Ron Blair that spent lots of hours working on the graphics for the cover. I loved the hours passed in your studio, the most relaxing time of my day! Also thanks to my friend Mark Tarlton. I also enjoy the time spent together talking about music and laughing about it. A big thank you to all the other people that contributed to this project, like Matt Wright of Prairie Sun Studio and Jon Cuniberti of Digital Therapy Lab. Your talent and expertise made a huge difference on the final product. Thank you to my wife Christine that have been putting up (that's for about 10 years!) with music instruments continuously moving around the house as I was looking for the right acoustics for that particular track. I could not have done it without her, supporting and encouraging me in the moments in which i was not believing. A special than you to all of you that have been listening to my music and sending me good feedback on it. I needed that more than anything else in every moment.


It took a long time to finish this album, and it's always like that when you have to finance everything out of your pocket, from recording studios, to engineers, equipment and printing. Now that is done I am full blast into promoting the album, starting from live performances and marketing to radios and distribution companies.


Now like ever before we need your support both moral and material. The single "I Do" is already on sale on iTunes, Amazon and other online stores, and soon the album will be available as well. Do what you can to support our next project, which is already in the production phase. New songs are beeing arranged, including a new single "Tonight" that will be hopefully soon recorded and published.



April 9, 2013


The first Merlino album "Side B" is officially completed and released!


It is a 5 songs mini-album that contains the single "Summer snow" and "Close the distance", " Whales", "Surrender" and "Immensity". This Album started out as a demo-tape, but soon developed into a complete production with mastering and printing.


The new album "Immensity" is due for release by the end of 2013. The new single "As long as you stay with me" was released on April 9, 2013 and is available on CD Baby and iTunes for purchase. The single "Summer snow" is also available for sale, as the rest of the songs on iTune and other online music stores. Hard copies of the albums can be purchased at

Merlino Music is an independent music publishing company and Rock Band, founded, directed and financed by Andrea Merlino, a San Francisco Bay Area songwriter, musician and producer. We are member of the American Socety of Composers Authors and Publishers (ASCAP). After the release of the album Immensity in 2014, Merlino has now started production of the second album. Thank you for checking in, we are very grateful for your support and love.

Immensity album cover



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